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Welcome to the Reflective Practice online resource

The website is organised into the following sections:
This section summarises what is on the web site, how to navigate around it, and showcases examples of the content you will find. We recommend you visit this area first.
This section introduces some of the key definitions, ideas and theories about reflection in learning and reflective practice, and provides activities and resources which can be used for Continuing Professional Development of teachers in the Lifelong Learning sector.
This section moves on to providing and showcasing a wide range of activities, resources and tools which will help teachers develop the skills and awareness which support reflection and Reflective Practice. Different situations, aspects of teaching and a wide variety of resources, materials and tools are provided to help teachers reflect on, and learn from their experiences as teachers, and encourage reflective learning from their own students..
In addition to reading and weblinks featured on the website, this section gathers together a substantial list of further reading around the whole theme of Reflective Practice. We believe this is as comprehensive a reading list on this topics as has ever been assembled.
Develop the employability of learners and contribute to their CPD at the same time
If you are looking for inspiring ways to help learners to be ready for work and build links with employers, here are some resources you can use within any vocational course. Developed by trainers from across Europe, the activities can be included in sessions to develop the skills which employers are asking for such as problem-solving, creativity, teamwork and presentation, as well as job seeking skills. They will also help teachers take a more ‘entrepreneurial’ approach as they facilitate learning, engage learners and bring the world of work into the classroom. They can also help embed aspects of Maths, English and the Minimum Core in Teacher Education Programmes.

The Sharing Innovation in Teacher Education (SITE) project is one of a number funded by LSISas ITE Innovation Projects in late 2012.
The project was carried out by South West Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (SWCETT), which established a cross-sector team to identify and share Initial Teacher Education innovation in partnership with providers, employers and other organisations. It identified, piloted, evaluated and shared effective innovations and embedded them in a range of partners’ programmes to contribute sustainable solutions to the future of ITE.
All activities and resources on this website can be used as you choose to use them. For those who would find some suggested structure helpful we have provided an outline CPD programme on Reflective Practice in this section which can be used in a variety of flexible ways.
As a quick way to find particular items on the site, this section provides a list with quick links to follow to find particular items you are looking for.

national star college

Videos from National Star College

Available on these pages | Starting | Moving on | Videos 1

These videos are a specially commissioned part of this project, and have been produced by National Star College. They can be used as a freestanding resource, or in conjunction with other resources and activities on this website.

Learning from a teaching observation
A teacher in a residential specialist college who is teaching students with disabilities reflects on her
teaching. A tutor who has been observing her
supports her reflection.

Reflecting on a tutorial
Police trainees are shown in a training session
which includes an assessed practical activity.
One trainee discusses the nature of a tutorial,
and how it supports reflective practice.

Reflective Practice - keeping a reflective journal
A teacher working in a a specilist college for
learners with learning and behavioural difficulties
reflects on her practice. The tutor discusses self
reflection and a reflective journal with the teacher.

Reflective Practice - feedback from peers and learners
Teachers from a community learning context reflect on their teaching practice using peer and learner feedback. Peer to peer discussions illustrate the benefits of reflecting on your teaching with another teacher.
If you cannot view the videos on You Tube, you may be able to view the videos on Vimeo

Who has created the site?

The resources have been gathered together by a team of teacher educators co-ordinated by the Lifelong Learning Initial Teacher Training (LL ITT) team of Bath Spa University. The partners in the project are National Star College, Avon and Somerset Constabulary Learning and Development Department and Exeter Council for Voluntary Service.

Funding for the project has come through the SW Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training (CETT).

Who is the website for?

If you teach on Continuing Professional Development or Teacher Education programmes or coach and support colleagues to improve their teaching and learning, these resources are for you.
The resource includes a varied range of learning activities, teacher notes, videos, downloads and more to help you to focus on key themes and topics relating to reflective practice, and provide content and examples which can be used directly with teachers* across the sector, and which can also help teachers to develop their own students as reflective learners.

What can the resource help you do? The items in this collection will enable you to:

  • address key themes in teaching and learning
  • support teachers in engaging in and providing evidence of their continuing professional development and its impact
  • stimulate reflection about teaching and learning which will foster team, whole organisation and whole sector approaches to this important area of work
  • encourage critical analysis of teaching and learning approaches and showcase those which can be particularly effective in supporting learner achievement
  • coach teachers in how to review their own progress and development, identify strengths and weaknesses in their approaches, and plan for improvement of their practice
  • exemplify innovative and learner-centred approaches to teaching and learning with ready made, high quality resources.
The resource will help you organise or deliver more varied, engaging and effective sessions for the colleagues you are training, coaching or developing. The contents are designed so that you can build them into activities, sessions and programmes for teacher trainees, teachers engaged in continuing professional development (CPD), or indeed into any situation where teaching and learning is the focus, and teachers may benefit from their use.
The accompanying CPD programme will enable you to combine the items in various ways to meet the needs of differing individuals and groups over different periods of time.

The resource promotes:

  • active and collaborative learning
  • personalised learning
  • reflective teaching
  • equality and diversity
  • embedding of literacy, language and numeracy (LLN) in teaching and learning
  • embedding of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in teaching and learning
  • development towards Qualified Teacher (Learning and Skills) Status.

The items could support or form the basis of one stand alone learning activity, single sessions, a series of sessions, modules or whole courses. They could work in a face to face learning context with groups or individuals, or as part of an online programme or blended learning. They will support generic teaching and learning themes and topics but could also be adapted or contextualised for different subjects.

They could make a significant contribution to a bank of resources which could be used by you as an individual, by a team, or by a whole organisation.

Jim Crawley - Programme Leader, Lifelong Learning - Bath Spa University - June 2010