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Aspects of practical teaching

  • What are the most effective aspects of teaching which emerge for you when you view the video?
  • What are the least effective aspects of teaching which emerge for you on watching?
  • What are the factors contributing to the success / problems?
  • How could you make use some of the success factors in your teaching?

Theory as in the videos

  • What theory of teaching or learning would be relevant to the video?
  • How much does this theory appear relevant to your teaching?

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From Behave to learn with Bayley

There are 3 videos in this series.
external image C3044001.jpg
Bright Extroverts
John helps to harness the enthusiasm of vocal, engaged students
external image C3044002.jpg
The Quiet Ones
Bayley focuses on the quieter pupils in the classroom external image C3044003.jpg
Bayley focuses on the pupils that fidget during lessons

Hard To Teach

These videos demonstrate a number of unique and innovative approaches to teaching some tricky topics.
There are 13 videos in this series.
external image W4238006.jpg
Hard to Teach - Personal Hygiene
Advice on how to help pupils improve their personal hygiene
external image C1630001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary History
Teaching tips on how to incorporate interpretation into history
external image C1651001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary English
Invigorate English lessons with these tips on teaching grammar
external image C1651002.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Geography
Two teachers combine their subjects with sustainable development
external image C1638002.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Science
A demonstration of experiments for teaching electrical circuits
external image C1638001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Maths
Integrating cross-curricular teaching of quadratic functions
external image C1610001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Music
Encouraging expression in music playing with Dalcroze eurythmics
external image J2993001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Maths Using ICT
Teachers use ICT with 'hard to teach' maths topics
external image J3398002.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary English Using ICT
Three English teachers show how they integrate ICT into lessons
external image J3398001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Science Using ICT
Teachers use ICT to engage their students in science lessons
external image C3869001.jpg
Hard To Teach - Secondary Science Using ICT: Investigating Combustion with Year 7 Using Gas Sensors
A science teacher shows how ICT can make tricky topics accessible
external image C3869002.jpg
Investigating Acceleration with Year 9 Using Light Gates
An investigation into light gates and data loggers aimed at KS3 students
external image C3869003.jpg
Investigating pH with Year 11 Using a pH Probe
Introducing students to acids, alkalis and pH levels at KS4

RSA Lectures

The public lecture series covering contemporary issues debates some big ideas: are our children overprotected, can there be a kind of public morality that extends beyond the state, what might learning look like in the year 2016? These and other key though
There are 9 videos in this series.
external image C1572001.jpg
Stephen Heppell - Learning 2016
Stephen Heppell discusses what future learning looks like
external image C1326001.jpg
Foundations of Global Morality with Mary Warnock
Baroness Warnock examines the need for a global morality
external image C1626002.jpg
Oliver James - Affluenza
A psychologist argues that affluence influences mental illness
external image C1690001.jpg
Steve Jones - The Literary Ape
A professor questions if humans are still chimps who write books
external image C1626001.jpg
Howard Gardner - Future Minds
A focus on the types of minds needed for the globalised world
external image C1990001.jpg
Wangari Maathai - A Life in Conservation
Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai speaks at the RSA
external image C2532002.jpg
Restorative Justice in Schools
RSA lecture focusing on restorative justice
external image C1990002.jpg
Tim Gill - Risk and Childhood
Is our risk-averse approach to childhood ruining the experience?
external image C2532001.jpg
Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking
What can be done to help victims of sex trafficking in the UK?

How Do They Do It In...?

What can we learn from other countries' teaching methods, education system and classroom experiences? Alongside sharing some interesting ideas, these programmes teach much about different cultures and ways of living.
There are 21 videos in this series.
external image C3847001.jpg
School Dinners - How Do They Do it in Rome?
Examines how school meals in Rome were transformed
external image C3544001.jpg
Black School Leadership - How Do They Do It In Chicago?
Racial barriers are confronted and exposed in Chicago
external image C2217001.jpg
Germany - Vocational Education
A look at the vocational education of three Bremen pupils
external image C2528001.jpg
Japan - Teaching Science
How is Japan dealing with a lack of take-up in science education?
external image C1606001.jpg
Cuba - Performing Arts
A look at the importance of performing and visual arts in Cuba
external image C1738001.jpg
China - Sport and PE
A look at how Chinese schools develop exercise habits in students
external image C1667001.jpg
Sweden - Early Years
We explore the success of Sweden's approach to nursery education
external image C1649001.jpg
Holland - Sex Education
Can a direct approach to sex education reduce pregnancy rates?
external image C1649002.jpg
Holland - Sex Education 2
A look at the Dutch sex education programme Long Live Love
external image C1635001.jpg
Hungary - Primary Maths
A revealing look at the Hungarian approach to teaching maths
external image C2281001.jpg
Norway - Anti Bullying
Why Norwegians are such pioneers in tackling bullying?
external image C2517001.jpg
France - Teaching Handwriting
A look at how France teaches the skill of handwriting to pupils
external image C2008001.jpg
Bosnia - Teaching History
A look at how history is taught in a post-conflict region
external image C2769001.jpg
South Africa - Teaching Singing
Can South Africa's love of singing be brought to UK schools?
external image C2746001.jpg
India - Teaching Empire
A look at the teaching of the British Empire in indian schools
external image C2567001.jpg
Scotland - CPD
A look at the Scottish approach to managing CPD external image C3338001.jpg
Germany - Early Years Engineering
How companies are working with kindergartens to develop engineers
external image C3138001.jpg
The USA - Global Citizenship post 9/11
New approaches to global citizenship education in the USA
external image C3129001.jpg
Vietnam - Teaching the Vietnam War
The challenges of teaching the Vietnam War in Vietnam is explored
external image C2970001.jpg
Russia - Teaching World War II
How Russian schools tackle lessons on the second world war
external image C2527001.jpg
Japan - Teaching Respect and Manners
What role do Japanese schools play in encouraging good manners?

Skills Championships

Every two years young people who excel in vocational skills compete at WorldSkills, the global skills olympics. Watch as they fight it out to prove their excellence.
There are 6 videos in this series.
external image C2111001.jpg
Skills Championships - Learning to be Champions
The early training stages for the UK's WorldSkills select 60
external image C2111002.jpg
Who's Going to Japan?
The 23 candidates are chosen to represent the UK at WorldSkills 2007
external image C2111003.jpg
Bricklayer Michael Broadley prepares for WorldSkills 2007
external image C2111004.jpg
A focus on WorldSkills finalist Graham Squire, a 20-year-old chef
external image C2111005.jpg
Skills Championships - Landscape Gardening
The UK's landscape gardening team prepare for WorldSkills 2007
external image C2111006.jpg
Beauty Therapy
Beauty therapist Jade Kidd prepares for WorldSkills 2007

The Teaching Challenge

Celebrities and experts brave the classroom to see what they can bring to education. This endlessly fascinating series demonstrated that some 'out there' thinking and a passion for a topic can really engage children.
There are 26 videos in this series.
external image C0931001.jpg
Lynne Truss
The author of Eats, Shoots and Leaves takes on one English class
external image C0416001.jpg
John Humphrys
John Humphrys tries his hand at being a teacher
external image C0416002.jpg
Carole Caplin
Lifestyle guru Carole Caplin teaches a KS3 food technology class
external image C0416003.jpg
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson tries his hand at teaching secondary history
external image C0705001.jpg
Steve Jones
Steve Jones tries teaching genetic science to 10-year-olds
external image C0705002.jpg
Rick Stein
From kitchen to classroom: the TV chef has a go at teaching
external image C0705003.jpg
Arthur Smith
Comedian Arthur Smith swaps his mic for a class on citizenship
external image C0931002.jpg
Prunella Scales and Timothy West
Prunella Scales and Timothy West share their passion for drama
external image C0931003.jpg
Roy Hattersley
Roy Hattersley takes on a political history class
external image C1122001.jpg
David Blunkett
David Blunkett attempts to teach poetry to A Level students
external image C1427001.jpg
Simon Singh
Simon Singh uses secret codes to make maths exciting
external image J4020001.jpg
Allegra McEvedy
Allegra McEvedy helps a primary class make healthy food

The Teaching Challenge

external image C1427002.jpg
Trevor and Simon
Comedians Trevor and Simon bring comedy and drama to a classroom
external image C2847001.jpg
The Car Restorer
A car restorer works with GCSE students to design a logo
external image C2847002.jpg
The Nuclear Physicist
A Nuclear Physicist works with GCSE pupils
external image C2847003.jpg
The Architect
An architect teaches a GCSE geography class about design
external image C3169001.jpg
Rachel Johnson
Novelist and journalist Rachel Johnson takes on the challenge
external image C3169002a.jpg
John Hegley
Britain's 'alternative poet laureate', accompanied by a handful of leaves, a suit and a ukulele, tries his hand at teaching poetry.
external image C1612002.jpg
Michaela Strachan
Michaela Strachan leads an RE lesson on animal hunting
external image C2105002.jpg
Suggs returns to his old school to teach the art of songwriting
external image C1612001.jpg
Ade Adepitan
Paralympics champion Ade Adepitan teaches wheelchair basketball
external image C2105003.jpg
Vanessa Feltz
Vanessa Feltz accepts the challenge to teach a Year 6 class
external image C2307001.jpg
Comedy Dave
Comedy Dave leads a group of inner city children on an adventure
external image J4145001.jpg
The Best Of
The greatest moments of first time celebrity teachers
external image C3169003.jpg
Shappi Korsandi
Comedian Shappi Khorsandi teaches a primary lesson on refugees
external image J4020002.jpg
Christian Jessen
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